Active Directory – LDAP Query

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at the moment I migrate Shares vom Samba (Solaris) to Windows Fileservices (Fileserver, DFS-N and DFS-R). So I tested some methods for doing this quick and clean for the future.

Now I have the following methods:

  1. With a Script the permissions are not the same as over the GUI (ActiveDirectory-Users and -Computers) and the directory must be created
  2. With a thrid party tool the variables are not set
  3. The GUI is much work to do

My choice is number because some people doesn’t have an home directory, so I can set many homes with the GUI and the other cause is, that the permissions with the script are not what we want.

So why LDAP Query?

To select Users which has no Home Directory, I had to change the view in the GUI. So I used a LDAP Query for this which look like that:

This Query searches for Users which has no Home Directory deposited.On my GUI many Users 🙂 .

Hope this helps,

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